An artist and a dream.

Hi there, my name is Caitlin Metivier, but you can call me Caitie. I am running this shop on my own currently, with the support and help from friends. I run this business as my full time job, following my dreams. I have come quite a long way since I first opened this shop. At first, I only had a few products and I never believed I could actually leave my retail job that I hated to pursue being an artist full time. I had a strong urge to quit my job and dive head first into following my dreams, so I did it. It took a lot of courage, positivity, and believing in myself pretty much every day honestly. Now I have an actual LLC called Fruit Witch Illustrations, I've even paid taxes! (Wow wow wow!)  I am so humbled and grateful every single day now that I'm doing what I love for a living and was able to accomplish that goal. I love packaging up my art and sending it out to you guys, I wake up and can't wait to get to work. I hand write a note with every order because it really makes my entire day and warms my heart that people like my art enough to buy it. I now have art all over the world, and that is amazing, I never imagined that being my reality. I always read every single review I get, and believe me, I do a little dance with a giant smile and show my friends and family every time I get a new one. So, thank you all. This is really a dream come true, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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